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Whether your needs are residential or commercial Air Conditioning and Heating, we offer the greater Glendale area substantial value with our knowledgeable and professional staff to see to all your indoor comfort needs.

Air Conditioning Glendale specialize in Air Conditioning Installation and Repair/Service existing Air Conditioning Systems. Commercial air conditioning is for companies or larger buildings, such as hospitals, restaurants, hotels and other places that are multi-leveled, have a certain amount of square footage and are visited by the public or have many employees that require a more intricate air conditioning system. For these purposes, there needs to be a specific and advanced air conditioning system.

Commercial air conditioning systems need to be high quality while delivering the most cost-effective approach. Air Conditioning Glendale will meet with your company to determine your commercial air conditioning needs to ensure you get the best quality care and proper equipment. We will perform routine check-ups to make sure any leaks or small problems get quickly resolved, especially for those places like restaurants, hotels and hospitals. If there is already an air conditioning system in place, we will look it over and add any new air conditioning equipment or air conditioning parts to make it run smoother, quieter and ensure it will last years to come.

We Provide Service and Maintenance for the following Systems:

  • ◦ Rooftop Forced Air Systems
  • ◦ Ductless Split System
  • ◦ Large Split Central Systems
  • ◦ Cooling Towers
  • ◦ Water Cooled packaged Systems
  • ◦ Hot Water & Steam Coils
  • ◦ Modular Chillers
  • ◦ Make Up Air Systems
  • ◦ Industrial & Kitchen Ventilation Fans
  • ◦ Precision Temperature Systems For Computer Rooms

Our Services List

- 24 Hour Emergency Service.
- Air Conditioning Repair and Installation.
- Residential heating systems.
- Heating Unit Repair and Installation.
- Filter replacement.
- Cooling & heating system maintenance.
- Instant Replacement on Equipment.
- Service on All Brands.

Air Conditioning for your home and apartment.

Air Conditioninig for your Office or place or business.

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